Friday, August 31, 2012

Adventures in Palermo

Today Theresa and I decided to go to a few "ferias americanas" which are supposed to be thrift stores, but they were more like Rag-o-rama, in other words, other people's used clothes, but overpriced. We had a great time, but we only found one of the four stores we set out to find because the other 3 were closed or had turned into something else, but we check out other stores as we walked.

The adventure began on the bus, linea #111 to be exact. We got on the bus and shortly after a beautiful hipster man got on and was standing in front of me, which was totally normal because there were no open seats. We are standing and I am looking around because I had never been in that part of town before and while I am taking a gander out of the window he manages to take a photo of me while I wasn't looking. He asked me about a minute later if it would be ok to post it on this website called "Chicas Bondi" which means bus girls. He said it was about beautiful women on buses and I agreed, I mean afterall, he already had the picture. Not bad for a guy with an iPhone.

We see a cheese shop. I have never seem so much cheese before in my life. I didn't know cheese could be that big. Crazy. 

We're walking, we're walking. Cool graffiti. 

Cool chairs. 

Really cool store, but really overpriced. 

A corner cafe. 

I saw a girl round the corner with a Frapacinno. I could not resist. When he asked me for my name I decided to take the easy way out. 

Cool old cars for my beau. 

I decided as we walked by this pet store that I need a gold fish. I also saw this rabbit and thought of my roomie Dulce. 

I am also experiencing some guilt because I feel like I have mistreated my poor little Bruiser. EVERY dog, and I mean EVERY small dog has on a sweater, or a vest or some kind of garment for warmth and they look sooo cute! I must make one for my little Ruisy :)
I know he will love it!

He was trying to be coy. 

After making it to the next 3 shops and discovering that they had either been turned into bars, art galleries or had just been shut down, we ventured into the world of yarn. This store was called Milana, which translates to "my wool" and it was the most beautiful store in the whole district. The yarn was mostly wool and not full of cheap acrylic yarns. 

I thought this yarn was very interesting. Snippets of blue jeans. 

This was the winner for the day. Malabrigo in the colorway Archangel, but this one was different from the rest. The others seemed to be more purple and had hints of yellow and orange, whereas this one seemed to be almost equal parts and with some blending in between. This one was the one for me. I paid a pretty penny for it too. $85 AR which is about $15 USD. They are gonna be like putting the hands of a Sweedish masseuse on my feet. I can feel them already lol. 

We sojurned on to another awesome store called Moussa with a great window display that says "Crear y Tejer" which means "Create and Knit". They didn't have as much variety in wool, but they had some great sales. I snagged these two skeins of some acrylic something or other for $39 AR which is about $7 USD. I am not sure what is going to become of them, but that is the true calling card of a knitter, buying yarn and not having any idea what to make with it. 

After Moussa, we went back to Milana because after seeing many shady and awful stores, Theresa decided to get needles from there. I noticed this wall hanging behind the cash register and I thought it was absolutely quirky. It must be added to my "to craft list".

After a long day of scouring the city for yarn we were beat and we caught the bus home. On the way back a girl sat next to me and asked me the time, but she said it so fast that I could not understand her. When I realized what she meant I told here and she knew instantly from my confusion that I was not a porteña and she asked me where I was from and whatnot. She then offered me a flower. I obliged. 

That's all folks. 


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  2. Super cute post; I love the yarn you chose! Bueños Aires looks really different than where I am but I'm trying to learn how to be a porteña too!


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