Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day #37

I woke up this morning afternoon and I decided to get a jump start on my homework for Monday (tomorrow). I started with a bit of lite reading on slums for my class on Drugs and Violence in Literature and Arts in Latin America. It turned out to be heavier than I anticipated and I decided to have a spot of tea in the kitchen while I read for a little motivation. I went into the kitchen and put on some water for my tea and I get an orange and a plate and set my books down on the table and I am all set to get to work when my host mother comes in and tells me that I should go in my room and study because she was about to have some tea. Of course I felt awful for not being able to read her mind and I grabbed my things and left the kitchen while she helped herself to the hot water I was going to have tea with. I put on my shoes and I got myself ready to go because I didn't want to let her know how I really felt. I packed up my books and some Oreos Bañadas and headed for the door. When she saw me on my way out the door she looked puzzled as to why I was leaving. I hope that in the 6 hours I was gone it dawned on her that I left because she was rude and dismissive. Ironically, I don't think it did.

So, my adventure began. I decided to go to a park about 3 blocks from my house. I checked the weather and it was about 69 degrees outside, so I wore long sleeves and pants, but I did not know that there were serious winds.

I sat in the park for about 10 minutes before I knew I had to abandon that plan. I could try to find a café (they were all closed because it is Sunday) or I could go home (not happening) or I could explore. I heard tell of a mall 2 blocks from my house and I decided to see if I could find it. It seemed like the most rational choice considering that my house was not an option and it was too cold to stay outside.  I found said mall and also saw some other interesting stuff along the way.

Inside the mall I found a bench near the entrance and I sat there for about 30 pages and then after that I decided to take a break and explore the mall. I window shopped until I saw this store full of gidgets and gadgets that were soo cute! I unfortunately my alarm clock was broken during my voyage to Argentina, so I have been in the market for a new one. I found a super cute one that was only $45 AR, which is about $9.50 USD. Isn't it the cutest little thing you have ever seen?

After that find, I went to the food floor and I went to the tried and true Starbucks and I became the proud owner of a Café Mocha Blanca, whatever that is. It tasted like coffee with sugar and cream.

I decided to head home about at about 8:10 and by that time my host mother had eaten dinner without me and I am having dinner alone, but I think today, I would prefer it that way. Over and out.

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