Saturday, August 11, 2012

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

After starting the OotP last summer I was not a fan. I thought the story started out too slow and it took me a year to get past the first 200 pages, granted, I only read it when I brushed my teeth. Nevertheless, I thought it could have picked up a bit faster. After struggling to fit it into my carry on I brought it with me to Buenos Aires and I finished it yesterday. I have to say, the book was excellent. After being so happy about the way it finished, well not necessarily the way it finished because Harry´s life sucks, I was ready to read the next book. Unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of Harry Potter books in English in Buenos Aires, so I will have to listen to it as an audio book or read it on my computer through Pottermore. I pledged to myself that I would not see the movie until I had finished the corresponding book and now that I have finished the Order of the Phoenix, I decided to see if I could watch it online. I must say I am terribly disappointed in the movie. I cannot say with confidence that the director even read the book!

They changed important plot details, like the fact that the prophecy broke before Harry could hear it and Dumbledore had to tell him what it said, and that he never gave it to Malfoy. Also, they totally botched the entire character of Garwp and made him so much more pacified that an actual giant would be, as if I have personal experience with giants. Also, there was not enough emphasis placed on the emotions that Harry felt after he realized that Sirius was never coming back. Oh! and I have to admit that Dobby is not one of my favorite characters and he is always stirring the shit pot whenever he comes around, but he is always trying to help and they totally snipped him by letting Neville discover the Room of Requirement and not ever mentioning Kreatcher´s betrayal that helped the Dark Lord realize that he should use Sirius to lure Harry. In conclusion, they left out the fact that Hermione knitted all those hats and socks for house elves and as a knitter, I feel like this was worth mentioning because, well hello! KNITTING IS AWESOME! Overall, when it comes to keeping to the plot of the book, the director gets a D-. Get it together. 

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