Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buenos Aires Bufanda

This is my first free knitting pattern. It is a chic cowl that is perfect for knitters of all levels. Enjoy!

Materials: 1 skein of Yanabey in a worsted weight and size 10 (US) or 6.0mm knitting needles

Gauge: It really doesn’t matter

Cast on 25 sts, for about a 7 inch width, but you can change it to more or less for a skinnier or wider

scarf, but remember to cast on an odd number to make things easier on yourself.

Row 1: *K1, p1* repeat to end

Continue in this manner on the next row always purling sts that present as knits and knitting sts that

present as purls until you are out of yarn or reach a length that pleases you. My finished length is about

50 inches.

Seam with Mattress Stitch and enjoy!

This free pattern is brought to you by Darci Kayla Marcum from thisgirllovestocraft.blogspot.com

For personal use only.

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