Thursday, August 23, 2012

¿Shoe Pie for Dinner?

This is a picture of what is for dinner.

 I asked what it was and my host mother replied "Tarta de Zapallitos" (In Argentina the double L is pronounced like a sh, so it sounds like "zapashetos"). My mind went to my internal dictionary and I scrolled through the words in my vocabulary that start with Z. The only thing I could think of was shoes, which is "zapatos", but my host mother always says "zapatitos" which is like saying "shoesies"or "little shoes". I then pointed at my shoes and asked her to confirm that she was telling me that there was a shoe pie for dinner. At this point my host mother and our maid Emmy laughed at me and went to the fridge and showed me some strange vegetable that I have never seen before and said that was the main ingredient in the pie. It is a squash, which is on my list of do not eat foods, but I am going to try it. We will see how it goes. 

 Emmy with a zapallito. She is awesome. 

Bonus Pic: This is the view from my classroom at school. I have crossed 9 de Julio in one light without running. Be impressed. 

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