Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Avocado, Egg, and Lemon Juice Hair Mask

My favorite snack here is Doritos and avocados, but I overdid it on the avocados. I bought too many and they are ripening too fast for me to eat them all, so I scoured Pintrest for other uses. 

I came across this recipe for a hair mask made of avocado, a raw egg and lemon juice. I must say I was reluctant, but I needed to use the avocados and I had everything I needed, so I went for it. I was expecting it to smell bad, but I think the combination of lemon juice and avocado together smelled like kiwi to me. It worked out great!

You probably cannot tell from the photos, but my hair has a natural sheen and gloss after I used the mask. I havent added any other products to it in these photos after shampooing and conditioning normally. My hair is also softer and it has somehow helped my curls be less frizzy than normal.  My hair is undoubtedly softer and more lustrous. I plan on doing this mask more often, but I think I will add some olive oil next time to see what that adds.


  1. I did a hair mask during my time here because the different voltage in my straightener was fryyyyying my hair. I did egg whites, a tsp of mayo, & olive oil. It didn't smell bad and also made my hair look great. I'd recommend the olive oil addition ;)

  2. Nice!!! Love your hair <3 Personally, I prefer to eat the avocado, but this is a great idea, tnxs!

  3. o ma' lawd ma'ma' my i could really see a big difference now dear. the way it brought your hair back to life . how it reenergized it. gave it bounciness shine and body. i absolutely love it.
    aint that crazy dear, how some of the best ingredients for proper hair care ...are used every once in a while in our kitchen.


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