Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yarn Dyeing with Kool-Aid and Food Coloring

So....I found this link on how to dye yarn with Kool- Aid with long colorways and I decided to try it.

1 skein of yarn that is cotton or wool
Kool Aid
Cups or jars (one for each color)

I wrapped the yarn into loose balls to absorb the color. 

I sopped up some warm water with them in a casserole dish.

I mixed the Kool-Aid with enough HOT HOT HOT water to dissolve it and help the yarn absorb the color. The blue and green are food coloring, the green worked very well, but the blue hardly worked at all, so I mixed up a lot of the other Kool-Aid colors and made a burgandyish color. 

In the tutorial it suggests heating the jars in the microwave or in a double boiler, but my water stayed hot for a while so I didn't. 

Wrapped yarn and hung on my shower rod to dry. 

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