Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Homemade Catnip Toy

Are you tired of spending tons of money on toys that your cat loses or gets tired of? Do you have a fresh bag of catnip laying around? Do you have some old pillows that are in the way? Do you have basic knowledge of sewing and some fabric scraps? If the answers to all those questions were "Of course!" "Kinda" or any kind of affirmative, then you are ready to make a cat toy that your cat will love!

First, make two symmetrical shapes ( I chose a rectangle, but any shape will work) and sew up all the sides except one with the right sides( the part with the pattern) on the inside facing each other so you can stuff it. Turn it inside out and ya got a pocket.

Next, pull out the catnip.

Grab a handful of fluff from your pillow, or you can also buy an old pillow from the goodwill or another thrift store and use it or if you only buy the best for your feline, purchase some microfiber filling from a local fabric or craft store. Flatten out the fluff and add catnip to the top. 

Depending on how keen your cat is to catnip you may want to add more or less, but I would say use at least a tablespoon. Fold the outsides of the fluff on top of the catnip to seal it in. 

I then stuffed the fabric with two of these lumps and sewed it up on the machine. I choose to add a small piece of elastic to entice the cat and have a little fun, but that is optional. 

If done correctly, results should yield a happy cat. 

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