Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shock Your Mom

The party seemed to be bearable, but I was just so lonely. The lonely thing about being the only person in a relationship is that when all your friends are off hooking up, and your bf or gf is not there is that you are alone and don't have anyone to dance with. I left Shock your Mom after being there for 10 minutes.  I danced for 5 minutes and realized that I was a 3rd wheel and I decided to look for other friends. When I finally found them, I realized again that it was just a matter of time before they were sucking face with strangers and I would be alone again. I had a good time last night, we stuck together, fended off weirdoes from each other and dancingling dodged past hook-ups, but tonight was different. At least I will always be able to remember the Ganter. Btw: to shock my mom, I didn't wear an undershirt. I know.....very risque, but hey, I am supposed to shock her right??!

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