Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Aqua Sweater Refashion

I wasn't feeling the tight neck, so I decided to loosen it up a bit. I got this sweater at the Goodwill Outlet in St. Louis where everything (literally, everything) is 79 cents per pound, except glass and books, which are 39 cents per pound. I estimate the cost of this sweater at about 12 cents. 

I cut off the neck conservatively to account for the stretching.  

I turned it inside out and folded over the edge twice so that the raw edges were not visible. 

I took it over to my machine and sewed it down with matching thread, but I left the presser foot on the machine raised so it didn't stretch out the neck even more. 

Later I frolicked. 

Then I frolicked more. 

Then I wrestled my phone away from Gabby. 

My awesome photographer Gabby! 

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