Monday, November 4, 2013

Brandy and a Little Christmas Cake on the Side

The fall of my sophomore year at Kenyon, my knitting teacher Marilyn invited me to be part of her English family tradition of making Christmas Cake. Its similar to what Americans think of Fruit Cake, but with what seems like an abundance of brandy. The ingredients include lots of dried fruits, 6 eggs, and brandy. The idea is that everyone in the family takes a turn stirring the mixture and making a wish while stirring. I was invited back this year and thought to document the journey. After the cake is cooked for 3.5 hours, it is cooled and as Marilyn said "fed with brandy whenever I think of it" to keep it preserved and moist until it is iced on Christmas Eve.

All of the fruit is coated in flour to keep it from sinking to the bottom of the cake. 

The 6 eggs, sugar and butter

Can't forget the Brandy

Mushing the mixture into the pan

The brown paper helps keep the edges from burning. Who knew?

Putting the baby in the oven
The cooks! 

Sadly, while I was actually writing the post I was informed that the cake was accidentally burnt to a crisp and it will have to be re-made, but I still got some great experience.

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